System Racks

System Racks

Category List

FS Series

A 19-inch rack that is economical, versatile, and adaptable to various network infrastructures.

Vibration Control Rack

Reduces earthquake vibration to protect equipment inside the rack.

AH Series

A data center rack that supports high density installation of blade servers and 1U servers.

FD Series

A rack that is suitable for high density installation of servers that have achieved both robustness and storability.

FV Series

A small rack that is compatible with information infrastructures such as LAN and IoT.

Aluminum Rack

A rack that is suitable for storing broadcasting and measuring equipment.

Steel Rack

A rack that is suitable for storing FA equipment and control equipment.

Open Rack

A rack that is suitable for installing PCs, printers, communication devices, and measurement devices

Rack Options

Helps improve workability with abundant options.

Various Cases

For storing electronic circuits, control devices, and measurement and inspection equipment.


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