About us

Fe Powertools is a strong dynamic organization with at least more than 40 years of experience in the field of importing and exporting power tools for the steel processing industry. The FE in our company name stands for Ferro, which links us to the tools we sell. Our experience and know-how is our strength. After so many years of experience we can offer you solutions to any of your problems related to steel processing. If Fe Powertools can’t help you, nobody can.

Our main hole cutter program

Our main program revolves around the hole cutter / annular cutter. A type of tool which has made the drilling in steel much more easy (compared to the commonly used twist drill). But not only the annular cutter, also the magnetic drilling machines or mag drill linked to them have a prominent position in our program.

Our goals

We can safely say that not many other companies can offer you so much advise and guidance when it comes to annular cutters and magnetic drilling machines. Our goal is to stick to the old values for power tools, safety and reliability come for us in first place. Therefor we have chosen to have our tools to be made in Germany and are proud that we can guarentee you our first class quality. Our cutters ar made on the CNC machines of a well-known German company in the field of hole cutters and our magnetic drilling machines / mag drills are powered by the best Eibenstock drilling units available. Our aim is not to sell you powertools once but to build up a long lasting businessrelation in which you feel the comfort of having a reliable experienced company at your back. Please check our full program of quality tools

Fe Powertools your number 1 choice !

We lighten your workload even in heavy-duty construction applications

Fe Powertools is your specialist for magnetic drilling machines, hole cutters, annular cutters and all needed accessories used in the steel industry. Starting from March 2016 we offer a wide range of magnetic drilling machines and hole cutters, all produced in Germany. The factory who manufactures for us has more than 30 years experience in this field. We can assure you: Top quality European products against very attractive prices and of course the best support and service from the Fe Powertools team. With more than 40 years in total, experience in tools for the metal- and steel industry they love to work with you. If Fe Powertools can’t help you, nobody can.