Standard Panel Boards

Standard Panel Boards

Category List

Agreement Type Plug-in Type Small Power Distribution Panel

A power distribution panel that is suitable for installation in small spaces such as small stores, convenience stores, and restaurants

Agreement Type Plug-in Type Panel Board

A panel board for general electric circuits and power circuits.

Plug-in Type Small High-performance Electric Light Panel Board

An electric panel board that is suitable for lighting equipment of buildings and apartments.

Plug-in Type Branch Power Panel

A panel board for feeder branches and large-capacity power facilities.

Switch Gear Board

Various switch gear boards, service metering boards, and the like are available.

Screw Type Panel Board

A panel board with a branch breaker that has a screw tightening structure.

Photovoltaic Power Generation System Related

Products for photovoltaic power generation systems such as junction boxes and current collecting boxes are available.

Panel Boards for Specific Applications

Panel boards for specific uses such as lightning control boards, heat-resistant panels, outlet boards, temporary panels and the like are available.


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