Home Panel Boards

Home Panel Boards

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Standard Type (with Door, Plastic)

A type equipped with a door, with an emphasis on design.

Standard Type (without Door, Plastic)

A type without a door, with an emphasis on operability.

Standard Type (with Door, Steel)

A type with a steel mounting plate, with an emphasis on workability.

For All-electric Housing

A type suitable for use with IH cookers, the electric water heater, and regenerative heaters.

Photovoltaic Power Generation System

A type that allows the interconnection of solar cells and commercial grids. (Master: Reverse connectable leakage breaker)

Gas power generation system

A type that is compatible with gas power generation / hot water supply heating system.

With Seismic Circuit Breaker

A type equipped with a seismic breaker that shuts off electricity when an earthquake occurs and suppresses the occurrence of fires.

For Specific Applications

A type that is suitable for various specific applications such as EV/PHEV dedicated circuits and lightning arresters.

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An enclosure for additional installment of equipment.


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