High-voltage Power Receiving Equipment

High-voltage Power Receiving Equipment

Category List

General Cubicle (1,600 mm depth or less)

A cubicle suitable for small substation equipment.

General cubicle (1,900 mm depth or less)

A cubicle suitable for medium/large transforming equipment.

Plug-in Type Cubicle

A cubicle with a plug-in unit that minimizes the power outage time during repair.

Small Cubicle

A cubicle suitable for small-scale equipment such as in convenience stores and shops.

Recommended Cubicles

A cubicle that has been comprehensively judged by the Japan Electric Association in quality, technology, etc.

Certified Cubicle

An emergency power source dedicated power receiving cubicle that conforms to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency Notice in Japan.

Photovoltaic Power Generation System Grid Interconnection Compatible Type

A cubicle that supports grid interconnection with photovoltaic power generation systems for industrial use.

Fixed Price Purchase System Compatible Type

A voltage boost equipment cubicle that supports fixed price purchase systems.


Cubicle Outer Enclosure

An enclosure for cubicles. A prefabricated system that can easily be expanded and remodeled.

Plug-in Opening Board

An open type distribution board equipped with a breaker with a plug-in unit.

Open Type High Voltage Receiving Board

An open type high voltage receiving board.

Open Type Low Voltage Distribution Board

An open type low voltage distribution board.


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