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Panel Enclosure (for Indoor Use)

An enclosure that meets a wide range of needs such as panel boards, control panel boards, and information communication equipment.

Dustproof/Waterproof Enclosure

An enclosure with a water drainage structure and dustproof/waterproof gasket that is suitable for protection of internal equipment.

Control Enclosure (for Small FA)

An enclosure suitable for storage of industrial machinery control equipment (operation switches, indicator lights, buzzers, etc).

Self-standing Enclosure

A self-standing enclosure that is suitable for storing large control panel boards and large capacity equipment.

Thermal Management Enclosure

An enclosure that is suitable for thermal management such as storing heat generating equipment and outdoor installation.

Information Communication Enclosure

An enclosure that is suitable for storing communication equipment such as a HUB and modem.

Instrument Panel Enclosure

An enclosure that is suitable for storing electricity meters.

Stainless Steel Enclosure

An enclosure made of stainless steel (SUS304) that is excellent in corrosion resistance and salt tolerance.

International Standard Certified Enclosure

An enclosure that is certified in international standards (UL, TUV, CE) and responds to global needs.

High Airtightness / High IP Performance Enclosure

A highly dustproof and waterproof enclosure that protects the internal equipment from external objects such as water, oil, and dust.

Storage Battery Storage Enclosure

A large self-standing enclosure compatible with installation of heavy equipment such as storage batteries and specifications that require high earthquake resistance.

Enclosure for Specific Applications

An enclosure that is specialized for specific applications such as photovoltaic power generation systems and storage of AED equipment

Self-standing E Type Semi-order

Custom-made enclosures for self-standing control panel boards are available with external dimensions in 50 mm increments.


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