Distribution Board Parts

Distribution Board Parts

Category List

For panel board exterior

Parts used for exterior of panel boards and enclosures such as handles, doors, and windows.

For mounting on panel boards

Parts used for installing panel boards and enclosures such as ducts, bases, stands, and wall/pole fixings.

For panel board interior

Parts used for interiors of panel boards such as rails, mounting plates, equipment fittings, input-output line supports, protection board supports, separators, and bar holders.

For wiring and wiring support

Parts used for panel board wiring and wiring support such as secondary feed sets, wiring ducts, and slit tubes

For high pressure

Parts used for high-voltage power receiving equipment (cubicle) such as ground bar holders, high pressure insulators, and high pressure cleats.

For machine periphery

Parts to be used in machine peripheral parts such as connectors and flexes, for machine tools, industrial machinery, etc.

EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) Related Parts

EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) related parts that prevent electromagnetic waves generated from electronic devices from interfering with other electronic devices.


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