Breakers, Switchgears, Terminal Blocks

Breakers, Switchgears, Terminal Blocks

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Circuit Breaker (Screw Type)

A breaker that automatically cuts off the electric path and protects wiring from damage when over current and short-circuits occur.

Leakage Breaker (Screw Type)

A breaker that prevents fire and electric shock accidents due to leakage by automatically detecting electric leakage and shutting off the electric circuit.

Seismic Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker that detects earthquakes equivalent to the strong seismic intensity of 5 and automatically shuts off the circuit breaker, preventing fire.

Small High-performance Breaker

A branching breaker for home panel boards / plug-in type small high-performance electric light panel boards.

Plug-in Type Breaker

A 1P size slim breaker with a plug-in structure that does not require screwing.

Plug-in Type Breaker (Type with Unit)

A branching breaker for plug-in type boards. A plug-in structure that does not require screwing and drastically shortens the installation time.

Non-trip Switch

A breaker size switch gear that excludes tripping elements from the circuit breaker.

Auto Reset Breaker

A breaker that automatically restores the power source of breakers cut off due to lightning surges, etc.

Power Source Switch Gear

A breaker type switch gear that switches commercial power sources and emergency power sources as well as motor load

Enclosed Circuit Breaker

A breaker that is protected from external mechanical shocks by storing it in an enclosure

DC Switch Gear for Photovoltaic Power Generation

A breaker type DC switch gear used in photovoltaic power generation systems.

Equipment for Energy Conservation

The energy meter (power measurement unit) can be used to measure cumulative electric energy, instantaneous power, current, voltage, electricity price, etc.

Discharge Detection Device

A device that contributes to the detection of electric spark discharge due to tracking phenomenon, cable disconnection, short-circuit, etc. and prevention of an electric fire.

Breaker Options

Various options for a variety breakers such as alarm switches, auxiliary switches, and voltage tripping devices are available.

Terminal Block

A terminal block for connecting, branching, and relaying wires

Cover Switch

A switch gear in which a plate-shaped electrode (fuse) made of copper alloy or the like is inserted.


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